2015 Colloquium: Digital Writing Tools for Global Citizens

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to share some great news: thanks to the generous support of USF World at the University of South Florida, we will be webcasting Digital Writing Tools for Global Citizens on 1/16/15 (see agenda). To access the webcast on 1/16/15, go to http://netcast.usf.edu and then select The Live Feed Areas.


This colloquium explores and celebrates the impacts that digital writing tools have on the act, study, teaching, and assessment of writing. We are especially curious to evaluate ways digital tools globalize writing pedagogy, research, practice, and literacies.  As we look across programs, universities, and continents, we wonder how we can leverage the big data that is aggregated by some digital tools to measure the development and transfer of cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal competencies.


While the outcomes for our programs vary, we do share a focus on teaching students the digital tools they need to master in order to be effective global communicators.  Moreover, we share a commitment to re-imagine effective teaching and assessment practices.


Colloquium presenters direct university writing programs that serve different populations and disciplines:

  • Chris Anson directs North Carolina State’s Campus Writing and Speaking Program
  • Christiane K. Donahue directs the Institute for Rhetoric and Writing at Dartmouth
  • David A. Eubanks is the Associate Dean of Faculty for Institutional Research and Assessment at Eckerd College
  • Suzanne T. Lane directs the Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication Program at MIT
  • Joe Moxley directs the First-Year Composition program at USF
  • Kate Pantelides serves as Associate Director of First-Year Writing at EMU
  • Val Ross directs the Writing in the Disciplines program at UPENN

Join us on 1/16/15 for an engaging colloquium on the future of writing studies in the late age of print.


Marshall Student Center
4103 Cedar Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Colloquium Poster