Conference Schedule

Thursday: January 11, 2018

7:30-9:00, Registration & Breakfast Provided in Canteen Area

9-12, Workshops, Sunset Room and Garage

Workshop 1: Sunset Room

New Tools for Writers and New Tools for Researchers: From tool development to writing analytics and back: Using data to explore pedagogical impacts and create the next generation of writing tools

Symposium Leaders: Elena Cotos (Iowa State University), Otto Kruse (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), and Christian Rapp (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) View Presentation

Workshop 2: Garage

For Writing Program Directors: Data Jam

Program Chair: Erica Snow (Imbellus)

This workshop is ideal for writing program administrators who are looking for ways to assess their writing programs and secure funding for mentoring and evidence-based program development

The goal of this track is to highlight exemplary methods for corpus-based research and writing analytics. Over the decade, there have been exciting advances in the field of learning analytics and data-mining. Recently, this work has begun to impact how we study and view the writing process. This track aims to bring together data scientists with writing program administrators who are interested in data mining or writing analytics methods to better understand the writing process and products.

12-1, Lunch Provided: “Little Italy”

1:00-1:45, Sunset Room

Presentation Title: What Can Writing Studies Learn from the Fields of Cognitive Psychology and Predictive Analytics?

Erica Snow (Imbellus)1:45-2:00, Coffee Break

2:00-3:00, Sunset Room

Stefanie Wulff (University of Florida) and Ryan Boettger (University of North Texas): Passive Voice in Student Technical Writing: Gender or Genre? Abstract | View Presentation

Suguru Ishizaki (Carnegie Mellon University): Making the Invisible–Helping Students Develop Their Textual Awareness through Visualization Abstract

3:00-3:15, Coffee and Snack Break

3:15-4:15, Sunset Room

Writing Analytics and Peer Review in STEM (Roundtable)

Speakers: Val Ross (Director of Critical Writing at University of Pennsylvania), Christiane Donahue (Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth), Chris Anson (Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program at North Carolina State University), and Suzanne Lane (Director of Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Communication at MIT)

4:30-5:30, Garage

Synergy Session (Ignite Format)

Note: People making tools for writers are invited to do a 5 minute Ignite PowerPoint on their tool. Ignite is a presentation format that’s simpler than Pecha Kucha but longer than lightning talks. In Ignite, each speaker gets 5 minutes to deliver 20 slides; each slide advances automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point, fast. For more information on Ignite format, please visit this link. Participants thus far:

  1. Joseph Moxley (University of South Florida), MyReviewers View Presentation
  2. Christian Rapp and Otto Kruse (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), Thesis Writer
  3. Alon Friedman (University of South Florida), My Visual Peer Peer Review
  4. Scott DeWitt and Susan Lang (The Ohio State University), The Writers Exchange

8:00 p.m., Bonfire on the Beach with Fondu

Friday: January 12, 2018

7:30-9:00, Registration & Breakfast Provided in Canteen Area

8:00-9:00, Sunset Room

Chat with Editorial Board, The Journal of Writing Assessment. Joe Moxley (University of South Florida)

To see the publications from last year’s proceedings, please visit 

9:00-10:00, Sunset Room

Jill Burstein, Director of Research of the Natural Language Processing Group in the Research Division (Educational Testing Service)

Presentation Title: Automated Writing Evaluation & the Literacy Challenge: Tools for Supporting & Understanding Postsecondary Writers Abstract | View Presentation

10:15-11:15, Sunset Room

Susan Lang and Scott Dewitt (The Ohio State University): Exploratory Text Mining of Student Peer Reviews Abstract

Alana Tackitt (University of South Florida): The Reset Effect

11:15-12:30 – Lunch Provided: “A Taste of the Tropics”

12:30-1:30, Sunset Room

Phil Durant, Senior Lecturer in Language Education (University of Exeter)

Presentation Title: Corpus Research on the Development of Children’s School Writing Abstract

1:45-2:45, Sunset Room and Garage

Session One: Sunset Room

Amy Stornaiuolo (University of Pennsylvania) and Matthew Hall (The College of New Jersey): Tracing Impact through Data Visualization of Networking Writing Abstract

Garrett Colon (Michigan State University): Matters of Perspective: Making the Most of Data from Program Assessment Focus Groups Abstract

Session Two: Garage

Alex Rudniy (MyReviewers LLC): Modeling Lab Report Scores in Chemistry Courses Abstract

Emily Isaacs, Dat Ba Le, and Rajeev (University of South Florida), and Reddy Rachamalla (University of South Florida): Attitudes toward Peer Review in General Chemistry Classes Abstract

Genie Giaimo (The Ohio State University): Assessing the Perceptions of the OSU Writing Center Abstract | View Presentation

2:45 – 3:15 Coffee and Snack Provided

3:15-4:00, Sunset Room

Group Discussion about the Future of Writing Analytics